Moving on

Session 1
Back to school


Create a character and monster

Roll dice 

Make it to 10PM

After a long and quiet summer with only a few world saving adventures you stared year 11. The usual stuff happened with the lame start of year assembly, classes, and timetables. Your monsters were reasonably OK until they made a discovery in the basement of A block. 

You found your old head master hanging upside down in chains in a room that was sealed with powerful rune magic. You found out that touching the Lich does awful things and mild mind control may possibly be a thing he can do. 

He agreed to give you the address of the witch that did this to him in return for a Puppy but you managed to get the information and safely retrieve the Puppy from the old headmasters mental grasp. You learnt that he siphons off the energy of the living, which, was fine until thousands of teenagers started walk above him. Luckily he is trapped in his witch made prison for now. 

Although you have no idea where he could have hidden his phylactory. 

Session 2
The Witches lure


Visit the Witch

Don't free Mr. Mitchell

Don't miss your appointment with Mr. Cooper

After seeing the Mr. Mitchell you went on your way to see the witch who lived in a normal house on a normal street but had some sort of shroud over her house to stop people noticing it. She was a lovely old lady who seemed to be struggling with memory and got distracted very easily trying to make you lunch. You learnt that Mitchell's phylactery is an 1862 edition of a king James bible. You found three in the schools library: one from London donated to the school a few years ago, another that read "Dear the lovely Elisabeth, God be with you on your confirmation day" and a third with an illegible name scribbled in the front and notes written next to each passage all the way through. The third, however, had a page missing. The missing page was later found on Mr. Mitchell after all three books had burnt.  

The witch destroyed the old school cane to trap Mr. Mitchell and owes Fabio a favor to be determined later.

After trapping the Lich in the bell tower of the church the four that were there found themselves cursed, or blessed, from Fabio's point of view. Everyone at school suddenly found you irresistible but to the point where they were getting threatening. You ran to the witched and retrieved Fabio and she lifted the curse. The witch healed Dirks wounds and taught the four who were around about magic. Fabio was less successful than the others

Session 3
Sisterly rivalry

The kids found out that the school was sold to Francesca and the rest of the school was an illusion

dirk sent 18 people insane, all but 6 were saved. 

dirk punched two holes between dimensions water and another

dirk gave blood to a blood witch for information on a phylactory.

phylactory with elisabeth a decendent who knows nothing about what it is

Session 4

Pick a side

Don't get killed

Do a cool thing

GTA5 bus 

bullies with pithing needle

phylactory destroyed 

Elisa dies :'(


Session 5
Explorations of blood magic

Don't die

learn something



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