Moving on

Welcome to moving on. You are a 15 year old moving in to year 11. You have all had to move school for your last year because of that thing… you know… with the lich and the goblins that may have caused your old school to explode…

Your monsters have been by your side as long as you can remember. They have been fun, a friend to play with, someone to "help" with your homework and they have fought by your side when enemies have appeared. But they have not let you be normal. No one wanted to be friends with the kid that had desperate whispered conversations with them selves or disappeared off saying they needed to save the world. Your life would be so much easier without them but no where near as fun and who would protect your town without you?

Exams are looming, parties are calling and the super natural world is just as determined to destroy your town as ever. But maybe, just maybe you'll be able to concentrate on exams this year rather than the talking crocodile that was adamant he had to take the living soul of the clock tower in town.